Sign of an Active Mind

At it’s core, your passion is where your curiosity and creativity come from. It is also a sign of an active mind.

It also means you are capable of seeing things from a different perspective, you are open to new possibilities and you can see the bigger picture. By being accepting of new ideas, being open to different ways of doing things, and understanding that your “normal” isn’t everyone’s “normal”, you are exercising your control of your mind and what you do with it.

Way too many people buy into their perception of the way things are, never once stopping once to “smell the roses” or not look beyond their own normality. They miss the little things that happen around them every day. Although I am opinionated, I view every activity, every conversation as an opportunity to learn something new, to communicate clearly, to express myself creatively, and to see those little things outside “my normal”.

How I express myself clearly and creatively takes many forms, such as in the way I create your pizza at Pizza Hut, in the way I carry myself around town and in the way I communicate with people. I use tools, like the WWW, to look beyond my “normality” to seek those new worlds and new possibilities that exist in plain sight. I contemplate about what I want in life and the best ways to achieve those wants by thinking outside my “normal”. I dig a little deeper to broaden my understanding of how things are, how they work and how others live.

While it can be difficult sometimes, I make every effort to maintain a positive attitude. I understand that negativity is an animal of my own making and my attitude determines how I deal with obstacles and/or negativity in life. Having such an attitude helps me be a better human being. When my attitude and outlook on life is positive, things begin to work in my favor and every obstacle now is a learning experience.

An active mind keeps me young, gives me the the ability to look beyond my “normality” and experience things otherwise hidden to me. And I know that I have complete control over that aspect of my life. I dig a little deeper. I find out how things work. I think outside the box.

I am unique. I am different.

And that’s OK.

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