Self-improvement & Success – They go Hand in Hand

bruceleeI’ve come to the conclusion that everything that happens to a person happens on purpose. Think about it.  One thing tends to lead to another, which tends to lead to yet another.  On and on it goes.  I’ve decided that instead of taping myself up in a box spilling milk all over my past failures, I’m going to treat those failures as learning experiences or tools to improve myself and my success.

Recall the movie, “Patch Adams” for instance.  Patch was a medical student who wasn’t able to cut the medical board exams who fell into a depressive state of mind for months due to his failure. Finally, he decides to voluntarily admit himself to the psych ward.

During that time, he met a number of different people.  Some catatonic.  Some mentally retarded.  Some truly schizophrenic.  You get the picture.  Realizing all his previous failures didn’t amount to a hill of beans in comparison to the people he met, he awoke one morning confident he still wanted to become and still could become a doctor.  Which he did, improving the lives of the people around him.

So.  You’re probably asking yourself where in the hell is ShoeMoney Mike going with all this self improvement, referencing a damn movie hocus pocus.  Self improvement starts with you.  Success starts with you.  If you feel like you’re a failure in life, you most likely will be.  Because you bring it on yourself.  And in order for others to accept you, you have to accept you.

When you see all the “beautiful” people on TV pitching their version of self improvement, don’t sell yourself short in self pity because you don’t look like them.  Self improvement isn’t just the realm of the physical, it’s also the realm of the internal or mental.  Focus your concentration on inner beauty.

When someone you know is feeling down, don’t drop to that level!  Then you both feel like crap.  Instead, focus on the positive.   Take one thing at a time.  You can’t expect someone on the dark side to become an All American Goody to Shoes in a heartbeat.

Take inventory of yourself and establish achievable goals.  Remember that you’re not trying to be the next J-Lo or Ralph Fiennes.  You’re trying to become a better YOU.  Keep in mind that its the little things that matter most to a lot of people.  Even the act of waving to a neighbor can brighten that person’s day.  When you’re nice to people, they’re nice to you.

It is said that when a student is ready, his or her teacher will appear.  Part of life is learning from everyone we surround ourselves with.  And when you open those doors, your chances of success increase.  And, remember, very little happens overnight.  Once started, however, it never ends.


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