Observations From the Bottom #1

Based on the recent GOP debate, which focused almost exclusively on the Middle East and the threat posed by radical Islam, one in 3 Republicans believe the United States should carpet bomb the city of Agrabah.

Except Agrabah is the fictional city from the Disney movie Aladdin.


Law enforcement agencies in Galena, Kansas staged 20-hour standoff and destroyed a single mother of six’s home in search of a perpetrator based on a heat signature obtained via a infrared device, in spite of the mother telling them said perp was not there. Neighbors watched as police used military-style equipment to destroy everything in her home.


Dude wasn’t there.


Dr. Ben Carson believes Democrats have some sort of Jedi mind-fuck trick which enables them to “implant” a mental disorder into Republicans.

A neurosurgeon. Saying Democrats “implant” mental disorders into Republicans.


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