Oath Keepers and Guardians – A Day at the Cliven Bundy Ranch

“I love coming back to America!”

He paused for a moment before delivering the punch line.

“I live in California.”

He paused again to let the laughter and applause subside. He was speaking last April from a stage set up under a bridge near the Bundy ranch. We had gathered to commemorate the first anniversary of the “Battle of Bunkerville” – the standoff between Cliven Bundy and the Federal Bureau of Land Management in the Nevada desert. Well, I wasn’t really there for that, exactly. I was there to observe, stumbling around with my right foot in a big purple cast taking pictures and recording the speeches. I did not blend.

Having warmed up the crowd with his humor, he got down to business. “First off: I’m a proud, angry, white man! I admit it! I am! But we’ve got a Muslim terrorist in the White House, who also happens to be a black supremacist. We got a Secretary of State who watched four brave Americans die in Benghazi, who’s now running for president!”

“Boo!” shouted the audience.

“She’s Monica Lewinski’s boyfriend’s wife!”

That brought the bridge down. Amid the laughter, cheers, and applause he screamed, “You’re damn right I’m angry!”

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