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Welcome to my blog,

My name is Michael.  And within the next few minutes, I am going to show you how to set up your first Trafficwave email marketing campaign, complete with a hosted squeeze page and followup letters.

Next, I’m going to show you a couple really easy ways to drive some traffic to your new squeeze page to get you started building your very own targeted and responsive email marketing list.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

If you haven’t already, sign up with Trafficwave here . (Yes, it’s free for 30 days, you have to upgrade if you want to work your way to 88K a month).

Log in to your TW back office.

Step 1 – Setting up your new campaign

Click on Campaign Manager: 





Click Create New Campaign:






Nickname: listchallenge
Enter a description: 30 Minute List Challenge
Click “Verify My Nickname“.


Now, enter your name.
Enter the email address you want for any replies from your subscribers.
Campaign Title, enter 30 Minute List Challenge
Click “Add New URL Token
Enter your Affiliate URL: (using your actual username).

Select the box next to: “Use the postal address from my Member Profile.” or you can fill out the required information manually. This information will appear in the footer of each message and is required by law.








Copy and paste this into the confirmation text box:

Welcome To The List Builder Challenge!

I am looking forward to showing you exactly how easy it is to get started building your list. To start receiving your letters, be sure to click the confirmation link, below:






Click “Finish“.

Congratulations!  You’ve just created your very own autoresponder campaign.

Step 2 – Setting up your letters.

Click “Retrieve  Published Campaign”:







These are already done for you to use in this campaign so all you will need to do is simply retrieve our pre-written letters in to your new campaign. Select the option:

Click “Retrieve Pre-Written Autoresponder Letters“.

You have now created an Autoresponder campaign and loaded it with followup letters for your prospects! Your next step is to set up a Hosted Capture Page.

Click “Campaign Overview“.







Click your “listchallenge” campaign:






Mouse over “Capture Page/Forms” and click “Hosted Capture Pages”.







Click “Create New Hosted Capture Page“.

Click “Choose New Template“.

For Themes, select “ Templates“.





Click the “Skyrocket” template:







Click “Use This Template“.

I recommend the following:

For Page nickname: listchallenge

For headline: FREE 30 Minute List Challenge!

For Subheadline: Start Building Your Own List In Less than 30 Minutes!

For Paragraph 1:

Even if you have never built an email marketing list in your life, we will show you how to get started in less than 30 minutes! Follow my steps to start building your own targeted email marketing list absolutely free in 30 minutes or less!

For Paragraph 2:

Our system is designed to help the absolute beginner be up and running within 30 minutes or less. We will walk you through the steps and the leads are yours to keep! 

For Paragraph 3:

Let us prove to you how powerful this system is. You won’t spend a single penny to get started with us and you will have a full 30 days to test drive our system absolutely FREE! Just fill out the form below to get started!

For signature name, enter your name.
For signature email, enter your email address.
For signature URL, enter your Affiliate URL.

Click “Create New Capture Page“.

You will see a new screen that includes your new Hosted Capture Page URL:




Make a note of this URL. This is the URL you will use in the next phase where we begin driving traffic to your capture page to begin building your list of subscribers!

So far, you have created a new Autoresponder campaign, retrieved letters designed to follow up with your subscribers, and created a Hosted Capture Page that will be used to capture name and email from your visitors that also want to learn how to build their own targeted email marketing lists.

Your capture page is offering a free guide (this guide) to list building. Your letters are set up to show prospects how to get started using this guide and will be directing them to open their 30 Day Free Trial account by going to your Affiliate URL to register.

As they follow these same steps, they will be opening a new account with you as their referrer. When they see how effective this system is, it just makes sense that they will want to upgrade and that means you will begin receiving commissions on that sales volume!

So let’s get to our next step: Driving Traffic.

Driving traffic is going to be your primary focus from this point forward. Getting visitors to your capture page is how they will learn of the opportunity to learn more from you. In this case, they are going to learn how to get started building their own email marketing lists.

Let’s start with the simple stuff. Free promotion:

Post this on your Facebook Profile:

I am participating in a FREE 30 Minute List Building Challenge!

If you have ever wondered how to build your own targeted email marketing list, I highly recommend you try this free 30 Minute List Building Challenge! It’s FREE, they show us how to set it all up, and we get to keep the leads!

[your capture page URL]

Post this on your twitter account:

Free 30 Minute List Building Challenge!
[your capture page URL]

Congratulations!!  You have just:

  • Created a New AutoResponder Campaign
  • Set up follow up letters
  • Created a Capture Page
  • Promoted that Capture Page

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