How to Cultivate a Relationship with a Subscriber

The money is in the list.icon-287145_640

You’ve heard it.  You’ve read about it.   All the big time guru’s say it.  And if you haven’t, I’m telling you now.

The money is in the list.

This is because if you’ve managed it right and cultivated a relationship with your subscribers, you’ve pretty much created your own online ATM machine.  Heavyweights develop relationships with their subscribers where a level of trust is created.  And it’s that level of trust which ensures that subscribers will at least open their email.

List building is a critical step in online marketing success.  Cultivating a relationship with your subscribers is a critical step in list building success.  How do you do that?

You bribe them.

Fact of life.  You’ve been bribed.  We all have.  A good bribe:

  • Solves a problem.
  • Provides inspriation.
  • Gives direction.

Some ways to do that:

  1. The Free Email TipsThe free email series bribe presents some important aspects of your offer or information in bite-sized chunks. Your email series is delivered, on autopilot, each email building on the one previous.
  2.  Time-Saving Cheat Sheet or TemplateA so-called “cheat sheet” or “template” is practical reference that shares valuable data, attractive to most readers due to delivering a lot of info in a concentrated format, saving the reader time and energy.
  3. Sample OffersOffer subscribers a sample of your product, video, book, or limited edition software.  This is an awesome way to introduce people to whatever offer you’re promoting.Give your visitors something they cannot live without or that solves a problem they may have and you will be well on your way to list building success.




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