Here are 3 Great Ways to Generate Traffic to your Website

Here are 3 Great Ways to Generate Traffic to your Website

There are, quite frankly, a number of ways to generate traffic to your site. Even though they all work, if you’re into immediate gratification understand that they all don’t work the same and many of them will not work immediately. The best thing to do is master one then move on to the next. Over time, you’ll find methods better suited to our business, website or both.

And without further ado, 3 great ways to generate traffic to your website:

You Tube

With 73 million visit a day, You Tube is one the most popular sites on the globe and the numbers keeping climbing. More than likely, many of your potential leads can be found there. Sign up, post a video or two and place your link in the description. You Tube allows you to also put your website on the video itself.

That’s not to say you don’t have to do your research. You’ll want to complete your keyword research prior to posting your video. Pick a keyword you like and use it in the title, tags and description of your video. The video itself can be no longer than 10 minutes long, but it needn’t be that long. There are many who post simple and effective traffic driving videos under a minute or two long. They then leverage their videos by submitting them to one of the many video submission sites. This blasts your videos all over the web.


Of course, Google is the biggest player when it comes to pay per click advertising (although Facebook is catching up). The key here is to make sure you choose your keywords carefully. Low budget? Begin by researching uncompetitive keywords, use these keywords in your ad copy and choose to have your ad only show when someone is searching for that exact keyword or keyword phrase. It will get you fewer clicks, but more targeted traffic. Once you begin to master Google’s PPC platform, you can expand your reach into Yahoo and Bing. They don’t get the traffic that Google does, but on the other hand, bids are less expensive too.


The truth is, you could use any blogging platform to build a site, but WordPress is king when it comes to blogging. Extremely good in the SEO department by itself, you are given access to treasure trove of mostly free plug ins that can supercharge your site. Remember, Google likes fresh content, so make sure your publishing posts on a regular basis. Commenting on other blogs is also a great technique to drive qualified traffic to your site.

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