Happiness: It’s a Choice Only You Can Make

Happiness is a choice.  And it’s a choice you alone make.  The fact is, you are in full control of your life and the choices you make are your responsibility and yours alone.  Of course, there are many factors by which people measure happiness.  Many of us believe money is happiness.  However, more often than not, many of these people are absolutely miserable with what they do to make their living.

You, like most of us, have noticed people who have everything. You may actually strive to be like them. These “things” they have that you may not include wealth, status possessions or your position at your place of employment. But while they may help, not one of these things can make you happy. You do that all on your own, with or without those “things”.

The hard truth is, being wealthy isn’t a prerequisite to being happy. Nor is having high status or a lot of material items. Many wealthy people are completely miserable.

You see, happiness is subjective. In short, what one person may find happiness in, another may not. Happiness is most definitely something that comes in different forms for different people. There are some who find joy and happiness jumping out of a perfectly functioning aircraft, while there are others who find that same joy in reading a novel. That joy you feel for what makes you happy may not be the same for someone else. For the skydiver, reading that novel may be a bridge too far. Likewise, jumping out of a plane could be considered torture for someone with a fear of heights.

In short, what you find joy in, others may not. And remember, happiness never comes to those who fail to appreciate what they already have.

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