Don’t Make The Same Rookie Mistakes…

8632579144_b3ace4ef02_o (1)The term rookie has been modified in some online communities and is often referred to as simply rook, which means noob or newbie.

I was a rookie, and in some respects still am. As a rookie I got into internet marketing by diving head first and chasing every new shiny object” program that offered me the answers I sought.

What I found was a lot of information and that I was exercising my credit cards regularly on product after product. Some of these products I still to this date have not thoroughly completed.

I don’t want you to make the same “Rookie Mistakes” I did. There is a lot of information out there, my goal is to help you set your goals and focus on them. The internet marketing jungle is much easier to navigate if you have a mentor to help guide you through to the end.

I found my mentor and will help you do the same. Don’t make the same Rookie Mistakes” I have, join me and together we can achieve you goals of financial freedom.

Until next time.

Hi. I'm Michael. I'm 52 years old trying to reinvent myself for the 21st century. I'm a father, college student, and fledgling internet marketer and a football fan.

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