Control your Thoughts. Find your Center.

changeyourthoughtsWe form habits every second of every day.  Many are those desirable, some not so much.  Then there some, not so bad in and of themselves, yet they go way above and beyond bad over the long haul.  These tend be the cause of a lot of pain, anguish and loss.    On the other hand, it would stand to reason that their opposites would, in fact, bring love, peace and joy into our lives.

The question becomes then:  Do any of us have it within our power to determine what types of habits shall take form in our lives?  Is habit forming a mere matter of chance?  Or do we have it within our own control?

We do.  Absolutely and with certainty.

Thought is the source of that control I speak of.  Every act is preceded by a thought.  These thoughts determine your actions.  You have absolute control over your thoughts.  If our thoughts are parent to our every act, every habit, every character, it implies one must know how to control fully our thoughts.

Understanding that your thoughts control your actions is to realize that drama that is your life is of your own making.  Control your thoughts.  Find your center.

Will what you will to be.




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